Verifiable Shared Ride Delivery of People,Goods on the Blockchain

BlockRide is the Verifiable Shared Ride Delivery of People and Goods on the Blockchain

We Address Sustainable Mobility in UN SDGs 3 (on health (increased road safety)), SDG 7 (on energy) SDG 8 (on decent work and economic growth) SDG 9 (on resilient infrastructure) SDG 11 on sustainable cities (access to transport and expanded public transport) and SDG 12 on sustainable consumption and production (ending fossil fuel subsidies).


BlockRide is verifying delivery of people and goods on the Blockchain.

As more people seek another source of income, and an alternative way around or between towns.

BlockRide creates this community platform of verified safe drivers for passengers.

BlockRide is also the delivery platform for sister companies BigMudi products to buyers, and BlockMed prescriptions to patients.

Now, more than 1 billion people, or one-third of the global rural population, lacks access to all-weather roads and transport and delivery services.

The App Service is Live.


After COVID-19 many people returned to their villages or towns.
Issues include



A. Pierre Yurow

Co-Founder, CPO

Product leader and entrepreneur. Founded companies in Social Impact, Fintech Mobile, Blockchain & AI.

Ayshan Abbasova

Chief Operations Officer

Honorary Advisor

Professor Mohammed Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize Winner – Founder, Grameen Bank, Grameenphone


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